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Prunus snofozam - Snow Fountain is a superb weeping cherry that has both spectacular floral and foliage beauty and high versatility. Highly recommended as a landscape feature plant.

Height: 1.5 - 2.5 metres.

Width: 2.5 metres.

Growth rate: Slow to moderate.

Form: Strongly weeping. Propagated onto a 'tall' standard at approximately 1.8 metres and as a 'short' at approximately 1 metre.

Foliage: Prunus snofozam - Snow Fountain has serrated, lanceolate leaves, dark green in colour.

Autumn colour: Leaves change to orange, gold and reds in autumn.

Flowers: Masses of single white flowers in spring.

Bark: Prunus snofozam - Snow Fountain has young stems smooth, shiny brown with numerous cream lenticels.

Tolerances: Adaptable to a wide range of conditions including some heat and moderate levels of dryness. Good disease resistance. Flowers best in full sun.

Landscape use:  Prunus snofozam - Snow Fountain is great specimen for lawns or small areas around the home. Border peripheries. Japanese gardens. The ground cover form can be used as a ground cover, on banks or cascaded over walls.


Botanical Name:

Prunus subhirtella Snofozam
Common Names: Weeping Cherry , Snow Fountain , Snow Fountains
Foliage Type: Deciduous
Native No
Plant Type: Tree
Plant Habit: Pendulous, Weeping
Typical Availability  



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