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Weeping Maples are a stunning addition to most gardens. Typical they have a dwarf growth habit with cascading branches and dissected leaves. Weeping Maples are most popular for their unique lace-leaf foliage and magnificent autumn colours. Weeping Maples are commonly used as feature trees. They are grafted onto standard understocks to form a mounded shade. They prefer moist, well drained soil and most prefer a shaded position, but a lot of the newer varieties these days can tolerate full sun . There are many cultivars to choose from varying in heights, forms and colours. HEIGHT: The overall height of all weeping maples is usually determined by the original grafted height, some may only be grafted at 1m or smaller while other can be grafted at 2m or higher. USES: Feature planting. Suits Japanese themed gardens as well as modern or traditional. Also very well suited to pot plants and are often used for bonsai. PLANTING TIPS: When planting, avoid disturbing the roots and use Seasol or Plantstarter to give them the best head start. For pots, always use a quality potting mix. ASPECT: Prefers a full sun position but will tolerate partial shade. WATER: Moist, well drained soil. PRUNING: Most varieties do not require pruning. FEEDING: Apply a slow release fertiliser in autumn and spring.


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