Spearmint herb (garden mint or common mint) has long been reputed for its characteristic aroma it imparts to the recipes. The least pungent and subtle among the species of the mint family, this unique herb is one of chef’s favorite culinary ingredients all over the world.

Garden Mint herb botanically belongs to the family of Lamiaceae, in the Genus: Mentha. Scientific name: Mentha spicata.


Spearmint is a branching perennial herb of Mediterranean origin. It is widely used across Europe and in large parts of Asia and Africa in flavored drinks, salads, confectionary, and as a garnish to recipes.

The herb grows easily in fertile, moist and loose soil conditions. It spreads through a wide network of underground runners. Generally, small stems (divisions) are planted to propagate. It reaches about 75 cm in height and bears oppositely arranged leaves all along its thick square stem. Spearmint leaves are deep green, deeply-veined, oval in shape with pointed ends and serrated margins. Slim pointed spikes of mauve flowers appear during late summer.


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