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The bush produces clusters of purple and white flowers, which look like those of the potato, at the end of stems. Although self-fertile, fruiting will be enhanced by the presence of bees. Pepinos produce very pale green fruit which, as they grow larger and mature, develop purple stripes. At maturity the purple stripes are still there but the yellow becomes much darker.

Growing pepinos

Like most fruit and veggies, it does best in a well-drained soil with a pH of 6.5 ? 7.5. It helps to supply plenty of compost or worm castings, but steer clear of manures or other fertilisers which have higher nitrogen content in relation or potassium or phosphorus if you want to encourage fruiting rather than leaf growth. Since the roots are quite shallow, they have moderate water requirements, so keep the ground well mulched in summer. It will grow in a variety of climates, but although it prefers warmth, it will withstand short periods around 0�C if cut right back after fruiting and covered during frosts.


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