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Multicrop GroundBreaker concentrate is a soil altering process. It activates soil changes which subsequently increase the activity of bacteria, accelerates the decomposition of organic matter and release otherwise unavailable minerals. It changes hard, dense and boggy soils into open, well drained, friable soil releasing the nutrients already present. Its effect will last for at least one to two years. If the nutrients do not exist in the proportions necessary, then they must be added, as GroundBreaker is a soil conditioner, NOT a fertilizer. The diluted solution may be sprayed on existing lawns, trees, shrubs or flower beds and it will not harm or burn living plants or organic matter. Its reaction with the soil is downwards, there is very little lateral movement, and with optimum soil and prevailing conditions can penetrate up to one metre in depth. Its use near steep slopes or embankments should be avoided unless techniques are used to prevent erosion due to its effectiveness in breaking up the soil.


Ground Breaker is a fast-acting soil penetrant formulated to loosen soil compaction, drain standing water, and flush salts through the soil. The dual action of Ground Breaker works in both physically and chemically compacted soils meaning that it will work inevery soil type. Using a non-alcohol base, Ground Breaker acts as a ?turbocharger? for beneficial soil microbes that bring numerous lasting benefits.

This product is non-toxic and child, pet & environmentally safe when used as directed.

  • Quart RTS ? covers up to 2,500sqft
  • Gallon Concentrate ? covers up to 10,000sqft


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