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A compact plant with an upright habit. Leaves are small, cup shaped, glossy and dark green. Produces large, fragrant white flowers from November to May.



A hardy, evergreen tree from the Magnoliaceae family which grows optimally in a full sun position in rich, well drained soils which are slightly acidic. Once established, will endure heat and low levels of frost. We recommend a fertiliser application in Spring with a 12 -14 month application of controlled release fertiliser. Prune to shape in Spring prior to formation of new growth. Water well once planted. Maintain thorough watering on a weekly basis during the warmer months.




Plant as a specimen ?stand alone? feature small tree with a conical growth habit or plant in rows for an informal screen to 4m. It is best suited to informal screens rather than a clipped hedge due to its large rounded leathery leaves. 'Teddy Bear' pbr suits formal or modern gardens, Underplant with Murraya paniculata for foliage contrast and a contemporary look.




Height 4-5m; width 1.5-2m after 10 years


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