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Botanical Name: Magnolia hybrid Princess Cinderella
Common Names: ParCind , Michelia PARCIND
Foliage Type: Evergreen
Native No
Plant Type: Shrub, Tree
Plant Habit: Dense, Upright
Typical Availability Medium


Princess Magnolias are new to the market and have been bred in Australia and selected for their quick, tidy growth habit and magnificent perfumed flowers. So many flowers you can hardly see the leaves! Cinderella forms a tidy shrub, flowering in winter-spring and again in summer-autumn. Flowers are creamy white, lightly perfumed and contrast beautifully with the deep green leathery foliage. Can be grown as a small tree to 5m but is easily maintained as a 2-3m screen or hedge.

Mature Height: 4-10m Position: Full Sun, Semi-Shade
Mature Width: 1-2m Soil Type: Any, Clay, Loam, Well Drained