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One of our most popular plants, ?Little Gem? is an outstanding variety of Magnolia grandiflora. It is a compact growing, evergreen small tree, which due to its smaller size is perfectly suited to the home garden.



?Little Gem? is a hardy and reliable plant that is relatively pest and disease free. It will flower well from an early age; its creamy white scented flowers are a highlight during Summer and Autumn. Winter is a good time to prune to shape if required, and it will tolerate being cut back hard if necessary.

Magnolias prefer a moist, fertile and well drained soil that is slightly acidic, so when planting it helps if the position has been prepared that way. A sunny aspect is best, though they do tolerate partial shade, and some protection from strong winds will help. We advise an annual application of good quality fertiliser in Spring, and mulching and watering during the drier months especially when the plant is establishing itself. Once established in the landscape ?Little Gem? is a very tough plant that is capable of enduring heat and low levels of frost.




Its dense growth habit and dark glossy green leaves make it an ideal landscaping plant-perfect for screening and a great container plant. Little Gem will provide a perfect backdrop for garden beds.




Height to 5m; width to 2.5m after 10 years


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