Botanical Name: Corylus avellana




The Hazel Nut Tree or Filberts are highly nutritious and if you live in the cooler parts of Australia they are certainly worth growing.  Cross pollination is required for Hazelnut trees so you need to plant at least two to ensure nut set.  The pollen is transfered between the trees by the wind.  Trees require cool, moist winters with sufficient chill to break the dormancy of the flowering and vegatative buds about 700 to 900 hours and cool summers.   They like a light, sandy or gravely soil with a PH of around 6 to 6.5, the soil must be well drained but still retain moisture, organic mulches will both help to retain the moisture in the soil and add vital nutrients.  

  Hazelnuts can be eaten fresh or roasted and used in spreads and cereals.  Ground into flour and added to breads and biscuits adds a delicious nutty flavour.  Hazelnuts have many good health benifits, they are very high in vitamin E, an antioxident and cholesterol lowering fats, they are also high in calcium and protein.