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Euca Mulch in a 50L bag is an excellent choice for gardeners seeking a sustainable and effective mulching solution. Made from eucalyptus materials, this mulch not only adds a fresh, aromatic scent to your garden but also provides numerous benefits to plant health.

It's ideal for suppressing weeds, conserving soil moisture, and helping to regulate soil temperature. The natural oils in eucalyptus mulch also act as a deterrent to pests, providing an added layer of protection for your plants.

The 50L bag is convenient for handling and spreading, making it suitable for various garden sizes and applications, from small flower beds to larger landscape areas.

Euca Mulch is a functional, environmentally friendly choice that enhances soil quality and plant growth while adding aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.



All garden supplies (bulk products) are natural products and may vary in size, texture and colour due to the fact that our products are quarried out of the ground.

Bulk products are dependant on the time of year when purchased. All bulk products can not be returned, and may appear differently as they are displayed on website. 

Deliveries may incur further charges depending on quantities, and number of items ordered.

You will be notified via phone or email if there are further delivery charges required. 


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