The feathery leaves resemble fennel but its flavour is quite distinct. Dill has a mild and warm flavour.


The aroma is faint, almost similar to the scent of aniseed. The herb, especially when fresh, has a much sweeter fragrance than its dried fruits. Dill leaves have a wonderful aroma.


Dill pairs beautifully with seafood, smoked salmon, potatoes, eggs, fish and carrots.


Dill is an annual herb, it is a cool temperate herb though can adapt quite well. It is ideal to be grown in a region where there is 1,000-1,700ml of rain annually. It is a summer crop and is best suited to full sunlight. Temperatures should be between 10?C and 25?C or growth could be stunted/ fatal.

It can be easily grown from seed though should not be transplanted once sown. Because of its light nature is quite susceptible to wind so should be planted close to other trees in a sunny area and protected from the wind.

It is best to plant dill seeds 15cm apart. Dill is prone to bolting in hot temperature so ensure that it is watered regularly.

Don?t trim more than half of dill leaves at once. The main flowering period for dill in Australia is December-January. After flowering the dill plant will die. Plant new seeds before the next season.