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Desert Sand 20mm, available per cubic meter, is a coarse and gritty sand variant, ideal for various landscaping and construction applications. Its 20mm size is perfect for creating stable bases for driveways and pathways, providing good drainage, and is often used as a decorative top layer in gardens due to its pleasing natural color and texture.

This type of sand is also excellent for mixing into soils to improve aeration and drainage, enhancing plant health in garden beds. Sold by the cubic meter, it facilitates easy handling and application for large-scale projects, offering a practical solution for those in need of bulk sand with aesthetic and functional qualities.

Desert Sand 20mm is a versatile choice, adding both structural integrity and visual appeal to your outdoor spaces.



All garden supplies (bulk products) are natural products and may vary in size, texture and colour due to the fact that our products are quarried out of the ground.

Bulk products are dependant on the time of year when purchased. All bulk products can not be returned, and may appear differently as they are displayed on website. 

Deliveries may incur further charges depending on quantities, and number of items ordered.

You will be notified via phone or email if there are further delivery charges required. 


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