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Gently coloured foliage plant, ideal for blending with seasonal flowering plants and contrast planting with other cordyline varieties in subtropical gardens.


Cordyline Pink Diamond is a perennial plant that provides wonderful year round foliage colour. It is great as a specimen plant, for massed plantings, and is also good for container growing.
Cordylines are happy to grow underneath trees, but brighter light levels will intensify the colours of the leaves. Wet feet can cause root rot and fungal diseases, but cordylines are generally easy to grow. As they grow taller, the lower leaves can die off and become untidy, so these should be removed. They withstand dry conditions, though their growth will slow.
Cordylines were used by the Maori people for food, they would roast the rhizome. Cordyline fruiticosa is known in Hawaii as the good luck plant, and the leaves are used to make their grass skirts.

Additional plant information


Flower colour: cream
Flowering season: not specified

Plant size

Maximum height: 2 metres
Minimum height: not specified

Maximum width: 1 metres
Minimum width: not specified

Sunlight, frost & salt tolerance

Will tolerate partial sunlight. 
Light frost tolerance. 
Plant is salt tolerant.

Fauna attracting?

Not specified.


This plant species will grow in the following climates: temperate, subtropical, tropical.

Soil types & conditions

Loam: moist, well-drained.

Clay: moist, well-drained.

Sand: moist.

Soil pH: 5.5-6.5


Fungal leaf spots, root rots if too wet


Spider mites, mealy bugs, aphids

Miscellaneous information

Planting season: All.

Types of fertiliser: Good general purpose applied through the warmer months.


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