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Quarter Minus 7mm in a 20kg bag is a finely crushed aggregate, excellent for pathways, driveways, and as a base for pavers and tiles. This small-grade material compacts tightly to form a stable, smooth surface that's also permeable, allowing for effective drainage.

The 7mm size ensures a fine consistency that's easy to spread and level. The 20kg bag size is convenient for handling and transport, making it ideal for small home landscaping projects or filling in patches.

Quarter Minus is a practical choice for achieving a professional finish in your outdoor spaces with minimal effort.



All garden supplies (bulk products) are natural products and may vary in size, texture and colour due to the fact that our products are quarried out of the ground.

Bulk products are dependant on the time of year when purchased. All bulk products can not be returned, and may appear differently as they are displayed on website. 

Deliveries may incur further charges depending on quantities, and number of items ordered.

You will be notified via phone or email if there are further delivery charges required. 


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