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Attunga Bulb Food is a balanced fertilizer specifically formulated for use at planting and growing period of bulbs.

Features:  Suitable for all bulbs

                Blood & Bone based

                Feeds for 3 - 4 months

                High level of Potash to enhance flower colour

At Planting Time:  Apply 100g per square metre spread evenly over soil and blend well.  Water after fertilizer application avoid application to plant foliage.

Potted Bulbs:  Apply at the rate of 16g per 30cm pot at planting time and flowering.  Water in well after application.



Nitrogen as Blood & Bone                5.0%

Phosphorus Water Soluble                7.0%

Phosphorus Citrate Insoluble            0.75%

Phosphorus Citrate Soluble              1.25%

Phosphorus Total                              9.0%

Potassium Chloride                           4.3%

Potassium Nitrate                             1.3%

Potassium Total                                5.6%

Coarse Material                               70.0%

Fine Material                                    30.0%






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