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Our newest and mulchiest creation is made from 100% pure West Australian farmer-grown field peas. So what’s in it, you ask? The tops, stalks and leaves that have plenty of superfood nutrients, to not only mulch your garden but nourish it as well.

Peas (Pisum sativum) are annual vegetables that produce green poddy goodness, as they are also legumes. Legumes extract nitrogen from the air in nodules on their roots. When the pea breaks down, it releases nitrogen and trace elements that help feed other plants, whilst boosting your soil microbiology (all the tiny organisms that create a good healthy soil biology). 

GARDENS PREFER PEA STRAW is perfect for the veggie patch: tomatoes, strawberries and fruit trees, while it dresses up your cottage garden and rose garden flawlessly!  Simply spread the mulch evenly 25-50mm thick, taking care not to cover up small seedlings and keeping it 20mm away from plant stems.


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