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Attunga Blood & Bone is an excellent organic slow release general fertilizer ideal for most garden plants including Australian natives.  To provide plants with most essential nutrients add 1 part of Attunga Sulphate of Potash to 3 parts Blood & Bone for fruit or flowering plants as Blood & Bone does not contain potash.


Rate of Application:


Apply 100 grams per square metre then rake and water in for established shrubs and plants.  When preparing new beds use 100 grams per square metre after soil ahs been dug and worked over.

Measure:  Match Box = 25g



Nitrogen as Blood & Bone         5.0%

Phosphorus Citrate Insoluble     4.2%

Phosphorus Citrate Soluble       0.8%

Phosphorus Total                      5.0%

Calcium as Bone                      10.0%

Fine Material                             60.0%

Course Material                        40.0%




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