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Bangalow Palm - Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana The Bangalow Palm is native to the rainforests of central eastern Australian coast from Mckay to Batsman Bay. This palm has a single slender trunk and grows to a height of 5-6 metres with feather-leaved fronds, its fast growing and likes full sun and tolerates wettish conditions more so than most palms, naturally growing along creek beds. It's a very presentable palm that is self-cleaning, dropping it leaves or fronds to the ground, ideal next to tall buildings to add vegetation and colour. Bangalows are similar to Alexander Palms and the seeds will cross pollinate, the difference is Bangalows are native rainforest plants in N.S.W., they are thinner in the trunk and green on the underside of the fronds, whereas the Alexander Palm has a silver tint to the underside of their fronds. This palm will grow outside in Melbourne and western Sydney if conditions are mild with some protection from cold winds; this palm is also unarmed, with no spikes or spines.


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