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Standard roses are roses grafted onto a tall stem, giving them a “ball on a stock” shape. They are easier to maintain as they are elevated above the ground, making pruning and maintenance much easier! Plus they create a neat and elegant look, suiting Formal, Hampton and Cottage gardens. As the foliage is high off the ground it grants the opportunity to plant more low growing flowering plants and box hedging underneath.

☆ Create a 2 -story layered garden effect with your roses at the top and other plants at the bottom.
☆ Easy to weed at the bottom of the standard roses, without getting pricked by thorns.
☆ Very appealing effect by planting long rows of the same variety.
☆ Available in 3ft heights depending on your requirements.
☆ Easy to trim and maintain due to their height.
☆ Very hardy and easy to grow
☆ Some delightfully fragrant varieties are available.


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